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League – Tynedale U8’s Strictly for Fun Mini Soccer

8 teams in our league (fixtures so far)

Corbridge United       Wylam Rockets      Throckley Magpies       Prudhoe YC Wark   

Stocksfield      Hexham Hurricanes       Hexham Hotshots.


Check the homepage for latest news on arrival times and away venue locations – this will be updated on a weekly basis. 



Date of Match




Team Fixtures

(Home  v  Away)



8th September 2012


Hotshots v Wark

Hurricanes v Throckley Magpies


15th September 2012


Stocksfield v Hurricanes

Wylam Rockets v Hotshots


22nd September 2012


Corbridge v Hurricanes

Hotshots v Throckley Magpies


29th September 2012


Hurricanes v Hotshots

Local Derby!!!


6th October 2012


Hotshots v Corbridge United

Hurricanes v Prudhoe YC


13th October 2012


Stocksfield v Hotshots

Wark v Hurricanes


20th October 2012


Hotshots v Prudhoe YC

Hurricanes v Wylam Rockets


Halfway stage



27th October 2012


Throckley Magpies v Hurricanes

Wark v Hotshots


3rd November 2012


Hotshots v Wylam Rockets

Hurricanes v Stocksfield


10th November 2012


Hurricanes v Corbridge

Throckley Magpies v Hotshots

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